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This Month's Features
As seen in the August 2004 edition of W&ET Magazine

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A Great Gift For History Buffs!
"C" Stands For Gold!
A coin like this one may come along only once in a lifetime- and no, it's not for sale!
By... Sid Witherington, III

Ask Mark Parker
Always entertaining and informative, Mark Parker identifies and educates!

The Relic Hunter - Parrot & Co.
Some guys are one in a million- and that's definitely one too many.
By... Ed Fedory

Treasure In The Headlines
See what treasures are being discovered from around the world.

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Discovering Luna County's Ghost Towns
You'll find scores to explore in this historic region of SW New Mexico.
Gary B. Speck

Charles Garrett Celebrates 40th Anniversary
Beginning in 1960, Garrett began spending his evenings tinkering with metal detectors in his garage.
Aaron Cook

Testing The Compass Coin Pro II
Ben Myers

Blue Diamonds!
Will you be the next TH'er to "get the blues"?
Bob Stover

Rusty Relics Of The Rev
"Ironing out" history is every bit as rewarding as finding silver or gold.
Eric W. Reichardt

Treasure Hunting U.K. Style
Centuries of coins, jewelry, and artifacts are waiting for you and your detector!
Michael O. Smith

Get The Wealth Not Meant For You
It's there for the taking, but do you have what it takes?
H. Glenn Carson

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