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This Month's Features
As seen in the June 2009 edition of W&ET Magazine

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Relic Hunting The Champlain Corridor
"It's a relic hunting paradise, to be sure!"
By... Ed Fedory

Ask Mark Parker
Always entertaining and informative, Mark Parker identifies and educates!

Treasure In The Headlines
See what treasures are being discovered from around the world.

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Rollin' Up The Sidewalks
Take a trip to a few of Utah's Great Basin ghost towns
Gary B. Speck

Sutton Hoot!
"It was my third Discovery Tour to England, and I can't wait to return!"
Lance W. Comfort

Cleaning Finds With An Ultrasonic Machine
It's fast, effective, and now surprisingly affordable.
John Bortscher

A Visit To Historic Iwo Jima
"I thought once again how proud I am to be an American."
William W. Purkey

Treasure Hunting In England
Imagine fields full of centuries-old artifacts, yours for the finding!
Michael O. Smith

The Magic Of Metal Detecting
Find the right places, do the right things, and something special happens!
H. Glenn Carson

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