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This Month's Features
As seen in the January 2009 edition of W&ET Magazine

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A Great Gift For History Buffs!
The Eagle And The Lady
A long-vanished Vermont village still holds surprises.
By... Lance W. Comfort

Ask Mark Parker
Always entertaining and informative, Mark Parker identifies and educates!

Treasure In The Headlines
See what treasures are being discovered from around the world.

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Am I Still A Newbie?
Just getting started in treasure hunting? Welcome to the club!
Vince Migliore

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Silver
In its heyday, Tonopah, Nevada produced $150 million in precious metals.
Gary B. Speck

Forgotten Treasures: The Beach
"I am alone, adrift in a sea of memories, spellbound by this mystic place."
R.V. Smith

Found! Lost Cache Of Silver
At last there they were... 84 ten-ounce bars!
Roland Davis

Double Standard At Harpers Ferry
Relic hunters will be prosecuted- but not trench-digging developers!
Mark Schuessler

Mike & Joy Cogburn- Alaska & Texas Treasure Hunters
Metal detecting six months in Alaska and six months in Texas is the only way to retire!
Tom Vance

Chicken Nuggets
Kids of all ages can have a slew of fun sluicing!
Orest Protch

Your Next Target
Give yourself a chance to find the kind of treasures you've always dreamed of!
H. Glenn Carson

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