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This Month's Features
As seen in the March 2004 edition of W&ET Magazine

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A Great Gift For History Buffs!
Happy Medians
Often overlooked and worth looking over, these narrow strips between streets can prove surprisingly productive.
By... Vincent C. Pascucci

Ask Mark Parker
Always entertaining and informative, Mark Parker identifies and educates!

The Relic Hunter - An Old Soldier's Home
Deep in the deer woods an alert hunter discovered the relic-rich ruins and returned with his detector.
By... Ed Fedory

Treasure In The Headlines
See what treasures are being discovered from around the world.

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Graham County's Forgotten Ghosts
Obscure dots on out-of-date maps, these unheralded Arizona hamlets fairly beg to be explored.
Gary B. Speck

Rock Hunting: Is It For You?
Nobody said it was easy... but you'd better believe it's worth it!
Bob Stover

St. Cloud Silver Lining
Construction of a new city hall opens a window of opportunity for local TH'ers.
Ed O'Connell

In The Water Again
It's no "shore thing," but that next signal just might be another gold ring!
Lucile Bowen

Winter Planning & Summer Success
Get a head start on your best year yet!
Dick Stout

FMDAC Convention 2003
Panning for gold, scanning for coins and prizes, and planning for more fun in 2004!
Betty Weeks

A Cache And A Crock
They're not only S.M.A.R.T., they're successful, too!
Dan Schlueter

Watch Out For Washouts
"So far, we haven't solved the mystery, but that doesn't keep us from making the most of it!"
George Pasvantis

Few And Far Between
Some finds are worth waiting- and waiting!- for.
Ron Kamrowski

Who, What, And Where?
Easy questions... tough answers... big rewards!
H. Glenn Carson

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