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This Month's Features
As seen in the November 2003 edition of W&ET Magazine

Breastplates Aplenty!
"I've got over 20 now, and it's still a thrill to find them!"
By... Sid Witherington

Ask Mark Parker
Always entertaining and informative, Mark Parker identifies and educates!

The Relic Hunter - Rough Huntin' And Good Finds
Forget about taking it easy.  Sometimes you've just got to take it!
By... Ed Fedory

Treasure In The Headlines
See what treasures are being discovered from around the world.

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The Ghosts Of America's Southwestern Corner
There's always more to explore in California's historic San Diego County.
Gary B. Speck

Tips For A Happier Detecting Trip
Anything can happen... and probably will!  Make sure you're ready for it.
Jim Warnke

Shaft Solution
Unfreezing in the freezer?  Hey, it works!
Malcolm Campbell

Buy The Book
Find out about your finds before you sell, swap, or toss 'em!
Ed O'Connell

Testing The Troy Custom Detectors Shadow X3
The X3 is the latest member of the Shadow family.
Ed Fedory

Can-do Coinshooting
The junk-littered lot was tough to detect, but hundreds of coins made it well worthwhile!
Lucile Bowen

What Is Your Most Valuable Find?
It's amazing how much one piece of silver can mean.  For example...
Jack Barrett

Keep Trying!
Remember, you can't score from the sidelines. Get back in the game!
Steve Osmialowski

Ornery Old Men Who Found Gold
Someday someone just as stubborn, independent, and sly is going to rediscover their secret source of riches.
H. Glenn Carson

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