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This Month's Features
As seen in the September 2003 edition of W&ET Magazine

The Best Of Both Worlds
Working in the wake of tropical storms, a Florida TH'er finds silver coins by the score... and more!
By... Andrew Burdick

Ask Mark Parker
Always entertaining and informative, Mark Parker identifies and educates!

The Relic Hunter - Overlook Camp At The Ford
It's a feeling only relic hunters know- an eerie sense of place and past... a different time... a different now.
By... Ed Fedory

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Dead Relatives & Living History
Internet genealogical sites offer a wealth of information for ghost towners & TH'ers.
Gary B. Speck

A Few Helping Hands
"I was driving for hours to find good hunting sites. Then my kids discovered one right here at home!"
Randy Gerylo

What A Show-Off!
Eager competition and creative displays help keep this club's finds contests among the best.
Lucile Bowen

Predator Tools: Quality Earth Movers
Ed Fedory

Internet Search Strategies
A bent-up piece of "junk" is transformed into an interesting artifact through a bit of research.
Ed Stewart

Around The Corner
When walls fall and the 'dozers dig in, suddenly familiar territory can be transformed into a new hotspot.
Mario Scaramellino

To eBay Or Not to eBay
Buyers and seller, TH'ers and collectors... this amazing internet auction site has something for everyone!
Brian Cook

Cyber Sleuthing
How to use unique online tools to pinpoint promising sites... and locate their owners!
M. Adam Namerow

Quest For The Lost City
Hidden beneath Lake Mead since the 1930s, the old town of St. Thomas was now high and dry.
David Finnern

The Right Spot
You bet it's hard to find a good site. That's why they're still out there!
H. Glenn Carson

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