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This Month's Features
As seen in the August 2003 edition of W&ET Magazine

The Longest Wait
Just across the lake lay acres of untouched territory studded with silver coins!
By... James Filippi

Ask Mark Parker
Always entertaining and informative, Mark Parker identifies and educates!

The Relic Hunter - Colonial Camp Life: Livin' It And Diggin' It
Being both a relic hunter and a reenactor offers unique insights into America's past.
By... Ed Fedory

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Exploring America's Best Ghost Town
It's closer than you think!
Gary B. Speck

Balboa Coin Bonanza
"We couldn't seem to clean it out. Every time we went back, we found more!"
David Finnern

Boats & Bicycles = Exploration & Discovery
Alternative transportation makes exciting sites accessible in Alaska.
Dave Helgeson

Detecting Down Memory Lane
Remember when you were a kid? Some of your lost allowance and other "treasures" are still waiting to be reclaimed.
David Pease

Once In A Blue Moon
Was it just a case of beginner's luck, or was something else at work?
Jesse W. McComas

A Tale Of Two Cellars
It was just a weekend hike in the woods... wasn't it?
Bill Ladd

The Small Treasures
"A coin here, a button there... this is what treasure hunting is all about."
R.V. Smith

Forgotten Corners Close To Home
"You can go and get back the same day, and still have a great adventure!"
H. Glenn Carson

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