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This Month's Features
As seen in the October 2002 edition of W&ET Magazine

"Someday" Was Some Day!
It would be his last relic hunt before leaving Virginia- and one he would never forget.
By... Ron Swenson

Ask Mark Parker
Always entertaining and informative, Mark Parker identifies and educates!

The Relic Hunter - Ye Olde Button Factory
Pewter and brass… 18th and 19th century… military and civilian… they were everywhere!
By... Ed Fedory

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Building A PI Metal Detector
There are still some fun things to make, and a PI detector is one of them.
Carl Moreland

A Massive Mountain Of Iron
Once thousands lived there, yet today few are even aware of its existence.
Gary B. Speck

The Pickers Have It
Maryland detectorists make the most of a rapidly disappearing opportunity.
Darrell Moore

Testing The Tesoro Eldorado
Tesoro continues to develop innovative detector features, as evidenced in the Eldorado with microprocessor technology and low-noise circuitry.
Ben Myers

The Treasure That Talks
Prospecting for gold? Some of those rocks around you may be "hotter" than you think!
T.H. "Doc" Toups

Indiana Jo… And The Wolves Of The Wild
The four explorers were searching for bottles and relics… but could something be searching for them?
Roger Erickson

Glory Towns - Boom Or Bust
Lively but short-lived, the mining camps and communities of the Old West hadn't a "ghost" of a chance.
Betty Weeks

Family Stories: A Prime Source Of Treasure Leads
Old tales, endlessly retold, can still reveal hidden silver and gold. By H. Glenn Carson

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