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This Month's Features
As seen in the May 2002 edition of W&ET Magazine

Lucky Left Comeback
An auto accident could have ended his detecting. Instead, it led to new determination and discoveries.
By... Bill Ladd

Ask Mark Parker
Always entertaining and informative, Mark Parker identifies and educates!

The Relic Hunter - Getting Back To Basics
It's not just what you know or what you find- it's what you are.
By... Ed Fedory

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The Mines Of Snohomish
"Tucked into river canyons, on ridges, and hidden deep in forests, a myriad of places await exploration!"
Gary B. Speck

New Thornburgh Battle Discoveries
An avocational archaeologist/historian reveals important artifacts and information from a Colorado Indian Wars site.
Brad Edwards

In Search Of Lost Sites
Finding them in books and on maps is easy enough. Finding them in the field is something else!
Roger Erickson

An Introduction To Research
"Thanks to a bit of 'homework,' it's going to be an exciting season!"
Ken Stone

Testing The Fisher CZ-70 Pro
Ben Myers

Just Bluffing
Along this stretch of the Potomac, the finds can be pretty old- 22 million years, to be exact!
Glenn Harbour

Precious Memories
Hidden in the old copper compact was a curious assortment of keepsakes.
Frank Hayslip

FMDAC Convention 2001
"Our hobby's alive, thriving, and stronger than ever!"
Betty Weeks

Ghost Town On Magic Mountain
Millions once poured from Kelly's mines. What treasures might still await discovery?
Ken Weinman

Ten Helpful Hints
Prepare to be amazed- well, amused anyway!
Randy A. Bishop

TH'ing- A Product Of The Past
Over the years, centuries, and ages, countless caches have been concealed- some of them near you!
H. Glenn Carson

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