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As seen in the January 2005 edition of W&ET Magazine

Volume Hunting

By: Lloyd Coke

Volume hunting can be fun and rewarding, but it also takes time and planning. You must set goals with time limits. For example: "I will find at least 2,000 coins per month for one year." Sound tough? It can be if you don't have self-discipline and driving desire to succeed.

Once you have determined what your goals will be and the time required to achieve the goals, you must find good hunting places. I chose to search schools, football fields, under bleachers, concession stands, and state fairgrounds. In fact, I found 90% of my coins around schools. I use a White's DFX metal detector with a Bigfoot coil, and operate it in the factory preset "Coin" mode.

My goal was 25,000 coins. I met that goal in September, averaging 16 hunting days per month. I'm 68 years old. The chart accompanying this article provides a breakdown of my finds.

In 2003, I found a total of 36,462 coins. The face value was $1,804.77. I didn't try to see how many I could find in one day, but some of my single-day totals were 517, 461, 436, and 399 coins. I had 22 days of 300+, and 51 days of 200+. Besides all the coins, I also found 178 rings, many other items of jewelry, and anything that would give a signal in the coin mode.

After viewing my records, I now realize that I should have set my goal at 50,000. It would've made me more motivated to go out and hunt on some of the 174 days I skipped. One of my favorite finds is a state championship ring that I want to return to its owner.

All in all, the hunting was fun and great exercise. Set your goal high, work hard, and enjoy the results of high-volume hunting.

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