Western & Eastern Treasures Magazine

Volume 32 October 1998

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"Inspiration" By Amy Maruso - Online!
Mike's research and persistence paid off when he found a 1746 Spanish gold coin... and a cache of U.S. coins!
By Amy Maruso

Along The Distant Shores - Online!
Relic hunters explore forgotten sites near New York's historic Hudson River.
By Ed Fedory

Ask Mark Parker - Online!

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My First Slave Tag
I'd never detected in Charleston before... but you can be sure this trip won't be my last!
By Whitney J. Stringfield

Found: Another Civil War Musket Range
Searching for relics from the 1700s, suddenly they were finding fistfuls of bullets from another century.
By Ed Fedory

Find More Nickels, Deep And Shallow
Most detectorists pass them up. Now's the time to get your share... and theirs, too! By Troy "Hank" Donovan

Cochise County's Crumbling Memories
Take a ghost town tour through this colorful corner of southeastern Arizona.
By Gary B. Speck

Field Test: Testing The Garrett GTI 1500
By Ben Myers

Field Test: Testing The Fisher CZ-7a
By Ben Myers

A Special Alert For Treasure Hunters On Public Lands
Boondockers, beware! Free RV campgrounds may soon be a thing of the past.
By James E. Mulkey

Gettin' Down Up At The Inn
Old coins, jewelry, tokens, silver... "I can't wait to return next year!"
By Gary Dare

You'd Better Believe It!
What makes TH'ers just keep going and going and going... ?
By James Leach

Nineteen Years And Still Counting!
Remembering the good old days... and looking forward to even better ones!
By Frank Hayslip

From The Shade Of A Big Mesquite
"Taking it easy" never takes you closer to the treasure.
By H. Glenn Carson


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