Western & Eastern Treasures Magazine

Volume 32 March 1998

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Learning The Hard Way - Online!
New to the hobby? Check out this "Beginners Luck" feature!
By David Foeller, Jr.

The Simple Truth: Age Is Relative - Online!
The age of relics is indeed relative to where they are found....
By Ed Fedory

Ask Mark Parker - Online!

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Found! Gold Coin Cache
Buried in the barn was a stash worth over $36,000!
By Bill Chapman

Searching For Iowa Roots
Revisit the past in the Hawkeye State.
By Gary B.Speck

A Case Of Time And Place
it was an 18th century pocket compass/sundial... still in working condition!
By Edward & Mary Carol Niziol

Treasure Weekend '97
The 13th Annual FMDAC Convention and Treasure Hunt
By Amy Maruso

Will this be your year to find a treasure wothy of the 1998 Best Finds?

A Penny For Your Thoughts... And Mine
How "old" is an 1852 Large Cent? It depends on where you find it!
By Lucile Bowen

On The Right Track
Rare and valuable baggage claim tags recall the history of a remarkable little railroad.
By John MacIver

A Little Band Of Gold
There was something different about this ring... something that made my day!
By Bill Nahrstedt

200,000 Coins And Still Counting!
A veteran detectorist reaches another major milestone.
By Paul Campbell

Allen Agers, EM.S.E
Meet an amazing octogenarian whose zest for discovery made him more than a mere detectorist.
By Sandy Wilson

Around Forgotten Corners
Why settle for overworked sites when there are untouched, overlooked sites just as near?
By H. Glenn Carson


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