Western & Eastern Treasures Magazine

Volume 31 December 1997

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Portrait Of A Hero
Having a man like Rick Kassler in our hobby should make every detectorist proud.
By Ben Myers

Detectors Aid Search For MIA's
Dedicated professionals continue their humanitarian mission under difficult, dangerous conditions.
By Dale Rohlf

Sometimes Magic Is Just Around The Corner
By Ed Fedory

Legends Among Us
Meet Mississippi relic hunter Leon Johnson, an extraordinary man with finds to match.
By Amy Maruso

A Christmas Not To Be Forgotten
One present under the tree was sure to be the most memorable of all.
By Larry J. Hunter

Double Your Gold!
Dan Hart is one great nugget hunter, and the secret of his success will work for you, too!
By Larry Salle&233;

Old News Is Good News
There's a goldmine of information in yesteryear's newspapers.
By Dick Stout

The First Quarter
"I told Steve I'd love to go TH'ing again... if he'd buy me my own detector!
By Mercy G. Hunter

The Adventure Club
Metro Atlanta high school students learn about history and the hobby firsthand.
By Michael Buchanan

A Handy Guy To Have Around
There's no better "find" than a good friend-especially if he's a TH'er, too!
By Gerald Segraves

Like Father, Like Son (And Daughters, Too)
Take your kids treasure hunting... and get ready for some keen competition!
By Gary T. Winters & Jean Nabors

Pennies Galore
Two relic hunters take a detour into coinshooting.
By Tim Bradshaw

Searching Black Sand Beaches
These are some of the toughest areas you'll encounter, but well worth working if you know how.
By Frank J. Colletti

Lost & Found... And Returned
Finally, after 15 years, the ring was back where it belonged.
By John Shape

Three Firsts In The Caribbean
Sun and sand... gold and diamonds... this was definitely paradise!
By Ronald E. Crosthwaite

It's Cleanup Time
When a local swimming lake was drained, this Manitoba TH'er got to the bottom of it!
By Randy Gerylo

Detect The Unexpected
A coinshooter uncovers a couple of prize Civil War belt plates.
By Edgar W. Ruff

Where Not To Look
The same signs that warn you an area is off limits may be pointing you to some prime hunting sites nearby.
By H. Glenn Carson


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