Western & Eastern Treasures Magazine

Volume 31 September 1997

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Railway To The Heavens
Fascinating finds tell the story of a turn-of-the-century tourist attraction
By Ed Fedory

Colonial Crossing Guards
Once again the curtains of history are drawn aside in a quest for relics and knowledge.
By Ed Fedory

Coinshooting The Sidewalks Of "Kasky"
There's a lot of history in Kalkaska, Michigan-and quite a few old coins, too!
By Marlene Hill

Adventure Along The Road Less Traveled
Get off the Interstate and discover the excitement of America's byways.
By Gary B. Speck

Exploring Wisconsin's Ghost Towns
Since Wisconsin's ghost towns aren't shown on roadmaps, it takes a little perseverance and research.
By Gary B. Speck

Testing The Minelab Sovereign XS Detector
quot;It seems there is a lot to be said for the concept of multi-frequency detectors in general... and the Sovereign XS in particular!"
By Ed Fedory

Braggin' Rights
quot;My biggest nugget and oldest coin, both in the same weekend!"
By Bob Van Camp

Information Means Action!
Don't just do your research-use it!
By R. Neil Simmons

Buttoned-Down Flat
We found a total of 97 buttons at this campsite, dating from the late 1700s and early 1800s.
By Dan Patterson

A Midwinter Night's Dream
When you're relic hunting even in your sleep, you know it's time to grab your detector!
By Amy Maruso

Time To Do Your Yard Work
How to size up and search those older local lawns. By Lucile Bowen

The Old Copper Culture
Detectorists have a unique opportunity to locate and preserve the artifacts of these native Americans.
By Terry Wilson

The Motivating Factor
Recharge your batteries and get back in action!
By Ray Cordova

The Battle Of Big Bend
Detectorists and archaeologists team up to collect artifacts and information at this important site.
By Vic Harris

The Relentless March Of Time
Yesterday is gone, but not its treasure!
By H. Glenn Carson


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