Western & Eastern Treasures Magazine

Volume 31 May 1997

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Exploring The Urban Canyons
A lot of treasure literally goes down the drain!
By Gary & David White and M. Brent Boyd

Remembering Boyden Arbor
Once a swimming resort and later a military training site, it's a place with an unusual past and potential.
By Tim Bradshaw

Relics At Water's Edge
The Relic Hunter Online.
By Ed Fedory

Found! Florida Fort Site Artifacts
Dragoon buttons and an 1820 hat plate highlight an unforgettable day of hunting.
By Jim R. Baldwin

Nothing To Kid About
Make sure your actions aren't misunderstood.
By Don Phillips

Urban Surprises
Spend a day detecting with two Colorado TH'ers.
By Dean Adams

Invitation To A Shootout
Three hundred untouched Colonial acres and the promise of a cache-it doesn't get any better than this!
By Amy Maruso

Unreasonable Expectations
Before you search, be sure your target is detectable!
By Edgar W. Ruff

The Stones River Battlefield Hunt
A Tennessee club aids archaeologists in surveying a Civil War site.
By Kevin N. Walls

My Lucky Day
Sometimes the payoff is in the perspective.
By Bob Lazzaro

Yes, Carl...
A pocketful of finds... a heart full of memories.
By Esther D. Groth

Just Another Old School
Sometimes those ordinary looking places conceal extraordinary finds.
By Frank J. Colletti

How To Research Old Newspapers For Treasure Leads
Use local and regional library resources to pinpoint unsearched sites in your area.
By Daniel J. Dictus

The Common Street Sign
Campground Road led to some exciting discoveries. Some of those colorful names on your town's map could, too!
By Jim McMains

The Mystery Of The Seven-Stoned Ring
It looked old. It looked gold. Was it really?
By Donna A. Trefry

Beyond Beginner's Luck
Don't let tough field conditions get you down. Here's how to meet the challenge.
By Clive James Clynick

The $59 Detector
A TH'ing uncle helps a 10-year-old boy have a memorable first hunt.
By Ray Midgett

It Pays To Be Nearsighted
Most treasures, and their hiding places, are smaller than you think.
By H. Glenn Carson

Ghost Town USA - High Mountains & Deep Valleys
By Gary Speck


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