Western & Eastern Treasures Magazine

Volume 31 March 1997

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Found! Silver & Gold
A single clue was all it took... that, and a lot of searching!
By Duane A. Bylund

There's Always Next Year
Florida's treasure pros are optimistic about 1997.
By Alese and Morton Pechter

Adventures In Cannonball Alley
By Ed Fedory

My Best To You
Some secrets are just too good to keep!
By Amy Maruso

The Coin I Left Behind
Some treasures are meant to be shared, and this was one of them.
By Dee Ann Ediger

Firm Wins Rights To 1865 Sidewheeler
The wreck of the Brother Jonathan may hold $50 million in gold!
By David Finnern

Treasure Weekend '96
"The FMDAC is moving forward and growing stronger... "
By Amy Maruso

Finder's Keebler's
An "Uncommonly Good" ring story!
By Russell W. Gish

Twenty-one in all! Will this be the year you find a treasure worthy of the 1997 Best Finds

Navy Honors Treasure Hunter
After returning an officer's lost class ring, Tom was treated to a cruise on the USS Boxer.
By David R. Toussaint

The Civil War Boomerang Ring
"Was fate giving me another chance?"
By Larry W. Cooper

I'm Rich!
"Suddenly, I saw my fortune, my retirement, washing away!"
By Charlie Bieber

Money Isn't Everything
Returning lost items to owners is often doubly rewarding.
By John Van Olden

Turn, Turn, Turn!
Sound advice assures new success for hearing-impaired detectorists.
By Jim Wojciechowski

An Unusual Rural Experience
Colorado TH'ers turn TV stars... and that's just how the day began!
By Dean Adams

What Have You... Not Found?
You might be amazed by what you left behind at that "hunted out" site.
By Ettore & Diana Nannetti

In Search of Hidden Riches
Treasure is all around you-but how can you get your share?
By By H. Glenn Carson


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